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Unlinking Self-Worth From Work

Unlinking Self-Worth From Work

The majority of people tend to only see the success and outward optimism projected by high achievers. But for most, there is tremendous struggle underneath the surface.

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

When people feel they have little control over their time during the day, they tend to work out that frustration by staying up later and compensating by engaging in purely self-indulgent activities.

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Do you Have Empathy Fatigue?

Most individuals avoid feeling empathy for others because of the concern that it would require too much mental strain for them to bear.

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How to Identify Burnout

Burnout is the consequence of protracted emotional and physical stress. Usually people feel drained, overwhelmed, and struggle to meet the unremitting demands in their life.

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The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling allows us to practice gratitude in a more meaningful way. You can do this by writing and taking photos to savor the good in your life and reflect on it.

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Do you have a Type A Personality?

People with type A personalities tend to be high achievers and go to extreme lengths to achieve their goals and follow through on what’s important to them.

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The Keys to Resilience

Resilience is not necessarily about getting rid of pain or avoiding adverse events, but instead allowing space for alternative reactions and responses to experiences that are challenging.

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What to Expect from Therapy

There are a lot of wonderful things about therapy, but it’s natural for it to not be all butterflies and rainbows. In other words, it’s both okay and to be expected that the process of growth might bring up both positive and negative emotions.

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